Web3 ID

People can sign in with Web3 ID and select a decentralized identifier (DID)
Web3 ID is a free blockchain-based authentication and authorization system that puts user privacy first. By using Web3 ID, you’ll enable passwordless login, prevent user tracking, and avoid data collection. With this free integration, organizations can grant access and verify user eligibility by requesting private data directly from users' identity wallet apps and always with their consent.
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Benefits for organizations
  • Verify users instantly while protecting their privacy
  • Strong security as data is protected with public-key cryptography
  • Enhances trust between organizations and users by not storing user data
  • Reduces the risk of being targeted for data breaches because no user data is stored
Web3 ID enables private user verification
Benefits for developers
  • Authenticate users securely and efficiently without passwords
  • Easy to integrate with OAuth
  • Open source and uses W3C’s decentralized identifiers and Verifiable Credentials open standards
Web3 ID uses decentralized identifiers (DIDs) and Verifiable Credentials compliant with W3C standards
Benefits for individuals
  • Enhanced user experience as people can conveniently sign in by scanning a QR code rather than storing many login accounts
  • Full control and ownership of digital Web3 identity as data is only shared with explicit user permission
  • Bring digital identity anywhere with your phone
  • Provides privacy and high security because of cryptography
Web3 ID enables passwordless sign in

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Web3 ID is blockchain-based