Create a Design

Video tutorial

Create a new design

Select Designs and click Create Design

You can choose a pre-made template or you can import an existing PDF design. Click Import PDF Credential, and select the PDF file.

Ensure your PDF credential template is:

  • A max of 2 MB

  • A4 size: 21.0 cm wide x 29.7cm high (portrait) and 29.7 cm wide and 21.0 cm high (landscape)

  • If you’re exporting from Canva, be sure to flatten PDF when exporting the template in PDF format

You can also work on a blank template and add the elements and attributes on a blank page in the designer.

Add Elements

You can add images, QR Code, Text fields and HTML Blocks to customise your credential design.

Select Elements and choose the elements you need. Once they are placed on the design template drag&drop them in the desired location.

Add Certificate Attributes

You can choose which certificate attributes you want to appear on your template. The actual attribute details will be filled in on the issued credentials.

To add specific fields on your template, select Attributes in the menu then choose which details you would like to appear.

Subject refers to the recipient or item that the credential is being issued to.

If you want your organization’s logo (Issuer Logo) and description (Issuer Description) to appear on your credential, you have to fill out those details in your Organization Profile (DIDs).

Other Settings

You can use your brand color for the design background. Chose it by changing the background colour in Setup.

You can also add a custom background image. To add a background image for your design go to Setup and click Add Background Image.

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