How to Stake DOCK

Token holders in Dock ecosystem play an important role in securing the network by helping select the active set of validators and share in the emission rewards that are paid out. Being a staker does not require running a node of your own or worrying about online uptime. However, a good staker performs due diligence on the validators that they elect. When looking for validators to select, you should pay attention to their own commission as well as their risk of being slashed if the validator gets slashed.

Dock Staking Dashboard

Dock provides the Dock-JS UI for staking which can be found Staking tab (within the Network menu).

  • The Staking Overview subsection will show you all the active validators and their information - their identities, the amount of DOCK that is staking for them, amount that is their own stake, their commission, the era points they've earned in the current era, and the last block number that they produced. If you click on the chart button it will take you to the Validator Stats subsection which allows you to query a validator's stash address and see historical charts on era points, elected stake, rewards, and slashes.

  • The Account actions subsection allows you to stake your Dock tokens.

  • The Payouts subsection allows you to claim rewards from staking.

  • The Targets subsection will help you estimate your earnings and where you can select your favorite validators.

  • The Waiting subsection lists all pending validators that are awaiting more nominations to enter the active validator set. Validators will stay in the waiting queue until they have enough DOCK backing them. It is possible that a validator can remain in the queue for a long time if they never get enough backing.​

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