Account setup for staking

Token holders who want to stake on the Dock network are recommended to set up separate stash and controller accounts. Two types of accounts need to be setup in order to participate as a nominator on Dock and stake tokens on behalf of a validator: Stash and Controller accounts.

  • Stash accounts are hold the tokens that are staked, similar to a savings account. Its private key should be as secure as possible in a cold wallet.

  • Controller accounts signal choices on behalf of the Stash account, like payout preferences and staking tokens to a validator. It should only hold a minimal amount of funds to pay transaction fees.

You can have multiple Stash and Controller accounts for participating in staking. If you have not created Dock accounts already, follow the steps in How to Store DOCK article to create at least two accounts for staking using any of the recommended methods.

Next, fund the stash wallet with the tokens you would like to stake and the controller account with a small amount of tokens to cover transaction fees. Once these accounts are ready, you can begin staking on the Dock network.

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