Release Notes v1.23.0 Feb 09, 2024


This release focuses on improving verification processes, ecosystem participation, and platform reliability, alongside critical bug fixes and user experience enhancements.

New Features

Enhanced Verification Security

  • [DCKA-2248] Verification Template DID Assignment: Ensures the security of verification templates by requiring a signed message if a DID is present, preventing unauthorized DID assignments or QR code spoofing.

Ecosystem Schema Integration

  • [DCKA-2307] Easy Proof Request Creation: Developers can now easily create custom verification templates for proof requests using schemas assigned by the ecosystem administrator, streamlining the process of participating in an ecosystem.

Ecosystem Participant Insights

  • [DCKA-2343] Participant List with Descriptions: Ecosystem participants can view detailed descriptions of other participants, facilitating informed decisions about their participation in an ecosystem.

Bug Fixes

  • [DCKA-2328] Credential Validation Issue: Addressed a critical issue where credentials became invalid after requested attributes were put in via the wallet.

  • [DCKA-2160] Plan Upgrade Limits: Fixed a bug where upgrading plans did not correctly update plan limits or reflect overage charges.

  • [DCKA-2318 & DCKA-2321] Search Sensitivity and Signup Flow: Improved user search functionality to be case-insensitive and ensured that Google account signups correctly trigger the signup flow.


Documentation and Support

  • [DCKA-2179] Common Issue Resolution Documentation: Provided detailed documentation on common issue resolutions, enhancing the support process for users and administrators.

User Experience Improvements

  • [DCKA-2265 & DCKA-2271] UX and Dashboard Consistency: Implemented a series of small UX improvements and ensured visual consistency across all Certs dashboards, enhancing the user experience.

Ecosystem Integration and Usability

  • [DCKA-2282 & DCKA-2296] Team Management and Ecosystem Invites: Enhanced email notifications regarding ecosystem changes and improved the UX for accepting ecosystem invites, allowing users to change teams more seamlessly.

Platform Reliability and Testing

  • [DCKA-2326 & DCKA-2331] Improved Critical Failure Handling and Automated Testing: Introduced better handling for critical failures and implemented automated tests for Certs ecosystem tools, increasing platform reliability.

Ecosystem Tools and Management

  • [DCKA-2344] Ecosystem Defaulting: For users part of multiple ecosystems, Certs now defaults to the most recently used ecosystem, streamlining the user experience.

  • [DCKA-2293] Menu Tag Update: Moved the "new" tag from Schemas to Ecosystems in the Certs menu, better highlighting the introduction of new features.

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