Building a node

The blockchain node is built on Substrate and can be found on Github. The node can either be built from the source or it can be run with Docker using the Docker images at Dockerhub.

Using with Substrate Sidecar

When using with substrate-api-sidecar, you need to use our custom types, refer to this section of sidecar documentation for more details.

Steps to run Substrate Sidecar

  1. Download or clone sidecar version 8.0.3 or above.

  2. Download or clone the types package.

  3. Sidecar must be aware of which node to connect to through websocket and which types to use. For that, 2 variables need to be set.

    1. SAS_SUBSTRATE_WS_URL to specify where is the node. If using our hosted mainnet node, set it to wss://, otherwise set it to point to the websocket endpoint of your node. If running a local node with websockets at port 9944, you don't need to set it.

    2. SAS_SUBSTRATE_TYPES_BUNDLE to specify our custom types from the above types package. This needs to point to the file system path of the index.js file of the above package, eg if the types package was downloaded at the location /home/Downloads/node-types then this variable should be set to /home/Downloads/node-types/src/index.js.

  4. Go to the sidecar directory now.

  5. You can either above 2 variables in the env file for Sidecar or you can run sidecar as

    SAS_SUBSTRATE_TYPES_BUNDLE=<path to index.js> SAS_SUBSTRATE_WS_URL=<websocket endpoint> yarn dev

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