Enabling and Disabling Features

The white label wallet can have a subset of the available features enabled.

To enable or disable a feature update the entries in the features_config.json file

Features you can enable or disable

  • Accounts: The Tokens tab allows users to buy, send and receive Dock tokens. This tab will be hidden if this feature is disabled.

  • Credentials: The Credentials tab will be hidden and no credentials will be able to be imported into the wallet if this feature is disabled.

  • DID Management: Disabling this feature will mean that the user can not add or delete Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs). The DIDs tab is controlled by this feature flag.

  • Credential Verifier: Allows the user to act as a Verifier and initiate verification flows from their device

  • Credential URLs: Detects URLs in credential details. It allows users to click the detected links which are then opened in a browser on the user's device.

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