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Dock’s Substrate-based blockchain provides an open-source, decentralized, and low-cost platform for organizations and developers to build Decentralized Identity and data applications for the Web3. Substrate is the primary blockchain SDK used by developers to create the parachains that make up the Polkadot network.

Benefits of the Dock blockchain

  • Developer-friendly: Easy-to-use and open source framework specially built for developers and organizations to develop and scale DID products with innovations and fast upgrades

  • Interoperable and compliant: Uses industry leading standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to enable data exchange with other platforms seamlessly

  • Private and secure: Data is tamper-resistant and highly secure with the application of cryptography

  • Ethereum (EVM) compatible: Deploy smart contracts written in Solidity and interact with them using existing Ethereum libraries

  • Highly scalable: Designed to build enterprise-grade products with high efficiency, scalability, and speed

  • Energy-efficient: We produce a very low carbon footprint because we are a Proof of Stake blockchain that does not require a large amount of energy to maintain the network

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