Architectural Overview


  • API

    • AWS

      • us-west-1 (Northern California)

  • Certs

    • Vercel

      • us-west-1 (Northern California)

  • Relay Service and EDV

    • Vercel

      • us-west-1 (Northern California)

    • MongoDB

      • us-west-1 (Northern California)

  • Blockchain

    • AWS

      • us-west-1 (Northern California)

      • us-east-1 (North Virginia)

      • us-east-2 (Ohio)

      • eu-central-2 (Zurich)

      • eu-west-2 (London)

Dock network diagram

Data Storage Details

Dock strives to minimize the data it stores and works to follow SSI best practices of keeping private data with the individual it belongs to. Below we outline what data is used each component of our system.

Dock API:

  • Issuer metadata (name, logo, etc.)

  • VC metadata (id, issue date, etc.)

  • Subject reference field*

  • Verification history*

  • Persisted VCā€™s* (optional)

  • Raw credential data is only stored in memory during issuance and is dropped immediately after

* may contain PII

Relay Service:

  • Temporary storage of encrypted VCā€™s

  • Can only be decrypted by recipient DID

  • Message deleted once retrieved by recipient

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