Send DOCK tokens from the browser wallet

Transfer only to wallets and exchanges that are supporting the DOCK token.

Step 1: Access your account at You will land on a page where it shows your account.

Step 2: Click on your account name and then “Send” on the right side. A pop up page will appear that shows your account with the amount of Dock in the account, the fields where you need to enter the Recipient’s address and the amount you want to send. Once you have entered the information, click “Make Transfer” to proceed.

  • Note: although there is a drop down in the “Amount” field, DCK is the default unit.

  • Minimal deposit is the minimum amount of Dock tokens that your account should hold to not be removed due to a low balance. Also, the transaction won't process if the Minimal Deposit is left empty.

Step 3: Next you will see the details of the transaction as well as estimated fees, sending account, and an option to add an optional tip for higher priority. You may also be asked to enter your password at this step if you are using the mainnet portal as your wallet. Once reviewed, proceed to “Sign and Submit.

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