Release Notes v1.28.0 Apr 14, 2024


This release includes updates to the user interface, improvements to verification template handling, bug fixes related to credential issuance, and tasks aimed at defining architecture for future features.

New Features

Optional Fields in Verification Templates

  • [DCKA-2468]: Verification templates in Certs now support optional fields. Administrators can designate attributes as optional, enhancing flexibility in proof presentation responses.

Ecosystem Membership Display in Organization Profiles

  • [DCKA-2417]: Organization profiles now display the ecosystems where the organization profile is used. Additionally, ecosystem badges are included in the organization profile details, providing easy access to ecosystem information.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

BBS+ Credential Issuance Error

  • [DCKA-2501]: Resolved an error where issuing BBS+ credentials resulted in a "Schema properties did not contain top-level key" error, ensuring smooth credential issuance processes.

Revocation Status Error with did:polygonid Creation

  • [DCKA-2509]: Fixed an issue where creating a new organization profile with a did:polygonid DID resulted in a "can't fetch revocation status" error, ensuring successful profile creation without errors.

Tasks and Research

Architecture Definition for Verifier Pays Issuer

  • [DCKA-2263]: Defined the architecture for Verifier Pays Issuer, laying the groundwork for future implementation and facilitating transactions within the ecosystem.

Wallet Cache Management Solution

  • [DCKA-2474]: Introduced a basic key/value map for wallet cache management, with plans to expand functionality to include limiting cached wallets, clearing old values, and improving the interface for setting/getting values.

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