Supported Standards

The Dock Certs Platform is built on W3C open standards. This ensures that users can store their Credentials on any digital wallet that adheres to these standards and that any stakeholder, wherever they are in the world, can verify the authenticity of the data as long as their verification system adheres to these standards. If there is a standard for which you would like further clarification or support, please contact us.

Standards Bodies

Supported Standards

Dock Supports the following open standards:


Dock believes that credentials are most useful when they are interoperable across service providers. Our W3C compliant credential format is designed for maximum interoperability. Our anonymous credential format adheres to many W3C standards, but are designed for maximum privacy protection. We also leverage standards from OpenID, IETF, DIF, and related organizations.

Signature Formats

Dock supports following signature formats

Credential typeSignature formats


Certs defaults to ed25519 signatures

API can be used to choose between ed25519, sr25519, and secp256k1



PS sigs


BBDT16 as an algebraic MAC to build keyed anonymous credentials


Encryption at rest in Dock Certs

Credential documents are stored encrypted with ECDH-ES+A256KW using x25519 key agreement keys. The index is encrypted with searchable encryption.

Other data is stored on RDS and S3 using AWS's default encryption.

Encryption in transit

Queued messages are encrypted per the DIDComm Message packing

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