📳Dock Wallet

Embodying the core principles of privacy, Dock's ID Wallet technology is inherently engineered to safeguard your users' data.

Dock Wallet allows users to import their digital Verifiable Credentials and share them for verification. To see the full capabilities of the Dock wallet, you can download it from an app store:

White Label ID Wallet

If you don’t have an existing app, Dock’s White Label ID Wallet is the best option when development speed is a priority. It’s a ready-made, tested solution that saves you the time and money of building a wallet from scratch. Dock takes care of automatic wallet updates making it is easier to maintain.

With White Label ID wallet you will be able to:

  • Customize the wallet with your brand identity.

  • Only activate the features you need (composable feature sets).

  • Manage your own App Store profile and relationships with users.

  • Put users in control of their data

See the technical implementation steps here.

Dock’s Wallet React Native SDK

Build ID Wallet capabilities inside your existing app with Dock’s Wallet SDK, enabling users to effortlessly store, manage and share their Reusable Digital ID credentials without having to download an extra app.

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