Configuring iOS Builds

In order to generate the needed files to publish the wallet to the Apple Store several configuration steps are needed. You can read about getting started with iOS apps here.

Enable the iOS build

In the ../build-config.json file set build-ios: true.

Setup App

  1. Create your new app in App Store Connect

Register an App ID

  1. Click on the (+) to add a new Identifier

  2. Select App Ids and click Continue

  3. Select App and click Continue

  4. Enable the following Capabilities

    • iCloud (include CloudKit support)

    • Push Notifications

    • Time Sensitive Notifications

  5. Add a Bundle ID (for consistency use the same bundle ID that you used for Android)

  6. Click on Continue

  7. Click on Register

Register an iCloud Container

  1. Go to the iCloud Containers list

  2. If you don't have an iCloud container already registered click on the (+) to add one

The identifier can look like

Assign the iCloud Container to your App ID

  1. Go to the Identifiers list

  2. Select the App ID you created in the previous step

  3. Scroll down to the iCloud capability

  4. Click on the Configure (or Edit) button

  5. Select your iCloud Container from the list and click Continue

Configure Push Notifications for your App ID

  1. Go to the Identifiers list

  2. Select the App ID you created above

  3. Scroll down to the Push Notifications capability

  4. Click on Configure

Note: any time you make a change to your App ID you need to re-run fastlane match. See instructions below.

Setup Firebase for your app

  1. Sign up for a Firebase account. Note: Android and iOS apps can share the same Firebase account

  2. Register your app as iOS app. You can find your Bundle Identifier here:

  1. Upload Apple Push Notification certificates

  • Go to Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging

  • Scroll down to Apple app configuration

  • Expand the APNs Certificates section

  • Upload the Development and Production SSL certificates you created in the previous step

  1. Go back to Project Settings -> Cloud Messaging and download the GoogleService-Info.plist file

  2. Replace the GoogleService-Info.plist file in ../ios/GoogleService-Info.plist

Generate Signing Certificates for iOS

iOS requires that all apps be digitally signed with a certificate before they can be installed. In order to distribute your iOS application via Testflight or App Store it needs to be signed with a release key that then needs to be used for all future updates.

To achieve this we are going to use Fastlane actions.

NOTE: This requires access to a computer running MacOS.

Using fastlane match

This command will generate all of your certificates and provisioning profiles needed to build and sign your applications. They are encrypted using OpenSSL via a passphrase.

Do not modify the files generated by this command, as they get overwritten every time you run match.

The files need to be placed in the following folders.

  • ./certs

This directory contains all your certificates with their private keys

  • profiles

This directory contains all the provisioning profiles


Make sure you have the latest version of the Xcode command line tools installed:

xcode-select --install

Install fastlane using

[sudo] gem install fastlane -NV

or alternatively using brew install fastlane


Navigate to your project folder and run

# use match to generate the certificates and push to this repo
# IMPORTANT: This is a interactive cli, and will ask you to provide a password to encrypt match certs
# Make sure to save this password, it will be needed later on
# NOTE: these commands assume a Git branch named "dev" is being used
fastlane match appstore --git_branch "dev" --skip_docs
fastlane match development --git_branch "dev" --skip_docs

Update packaging.config

Set the following values in the ../packaging.config file.

# MATCH_PASSWORD is the password you entered during the fastlane command
MATCH_PASSWORD=<use the same password you used running fastlane>
MATCH_REPOSITORY=<this repository name>
IOS_BUNDLE_ID=<generated on>>

For more information see the fastlane match git repo

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