Release Notes v.0.4.28 Jun 06, 2024


This version of Dock Mobile Wallet brings several improvements, updates, and new features aimed at enhancing the functionality and usability of the application.


  • DCKM-67: Wallet-sdk has been configured to run with Expo, providing users with examples for easier experimentation in the Expo console.

  • DCKM-78: Implemented cross-platform data storage for wallet-sdk by replacing Realm.js with TypeORM, enabling seamless functionality across different platforms.

  • DCKM-222 & DCKM-223: Added "Login with Dock" support and built deployment pipelines with Github actions for deploying to Chrome and Firefox extension stores, as part of the browser plugin epic (DCKM-221).


  • DCKM-318: Updated the relay service API to require acknowledgment for messages fetched in did-batch, ensuring compatibility with old wallets.

  • DCKM-399: Moved documentation to the knowledge base for better accessibility and searchability. The mobile SDK Readme now directs users to the correct section of the documentation portal.

  • DCKM-456: Made the react-native repository public and updated the Github repo link in the Open Wallet Foundation repo, ensuring accessibility and transparency.

  • DCKM-474: Reviewed resources from the Open Wallet Foundation and EUDI, evaluating libraries for features, maturity, test coverage, and potential integration with Dock Wallet.

  • DCKM-491: Designed the proxy service with a breakdown of routes and assigned story points for initial implementation, as part of creating a wallet services API for common actions efficiency.

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