You will be invited to a dedicated Github repository, which will contain the files needed to customize, build and sign a white label build of the Dock Wallet to be distributed in the Apple and Google Play stores.

General Setup

First clone the GitHub repository to add the source code to your machine.

Open the code editor and now you can go through the documentation in and start making changes on the repository.

To make changes follow the instructions below and then submit a pull request (PR) to this repository to be reviewed by the Dock team. Once the changes are accepted a new release will be generated.

Set the Application's Display Name & Package Id

First thing to do is setting the Application Display name and Package Id/Package Name.

In ../app.json set the following fields

"displayName": <your application name>
"packageId": <your application package name>
"companyName": <your application package name>
"companyNamePossessive": <your application package name>

For example:
"name": "DockApp",
"displayName": "Cool Wallet",
"packageId": "",
"companyName": "Cool",
"companyNamePossessive": "Cool's"

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