Ecosystem Tools

You can find the implementation of ecosystem tools in the following location:

File Path: packages/core/src/ecosystem-tools.ts

Usage Example

Below is an example demonstrating how to use getEcosystems to retrieve ecosystem information based on an issuer's DID.

Importing the Function First, ensure you import getEcosystems from the SDK:

import {getEcosystems} from '@docknetwork/wallet-sdk-core/src/ecosystem-tools';
Fetching Ecosystem Details
To fetch the details of ecosystems associated with a specific issuerDID, you can use the following code snippet:

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async function fetchEcosystemDetails() {
    const result = await getEcosystems({
        issuerDID: 'did:dock:5HLbQLSmirNuZVRsdWKbsgdajw9QTGzSFJABSVzMT5EBj5sb',


Expected Output

When you run the above code, you should expect an output similar to this:

    "0xc5671b2d1552db9b47a3501109ddbeb861a55fe3f7a0cb7a26791203abe9fcc8": {
        "name": "clarity partners",
        "convener": "did:dock:5GKaHgDoSzHpfR6aiXGu5F1oUYgXk8tHXMSNbZE2jdm9FAnT",
        "govFramework": "0x68747470733a2f2f6170692d746573746e65742e646f636b2e696f2f74727573742d726567697374726965732f3078633536373162326431353532646239623437613335303131303964646265623836316135356665336637613063623761323637393132303361626539666363382f7075626c6963"

This JSON output contains the details of the ecosystems associated with the given issuerDID.

Integration Tests

For more examples and usage, please refer to the integration test at:

Test File Path: This test file provides comprehensive examples on how to interact with ecosystem tools effectively.

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