Intro to Dock

Certs API enables developers to instantly and conveniently issue, verify, manage, and revoke Verifiable Credentials from their existing system. The Certs API is easy to integrate, scalable, and allows faster deployment.
Dock integrates the industry-leading World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and Verifiable Credential Data Model standards which allows the system to interoperate with other open-source technologies.
Key features:
  • ​​Create and manage decentralized identitifier (DIDs)
  • Create and assign schemas to credentials for compliance
  • Work seamlessly across platforms with Dock’s standards-compliant, interoperable solutions
  • Drop anchors on the blockchain for better validation and security
  • Harness the security of the Dock blockchain
We have a variety of open-source software on GitHub that can be used alongside the API.
Last modified 27d ago