Release Notes v.1.33.0 May 21, 2024


Certs v1.33.0 introduces a series of bug fixes and improvements aimed at enhancing the functionality and stability of the application.

Bug Fixes:

  • DCKA-2288: Fixed an issue where some fonts were missing on the PDF render server, ensuring accurate rendering of PDF documents.

  • DCKA-2589: Resolved the "Secret key needs to be provided" error encountered when issuing a BBS+ revocable credential, ensuring smooth credential issuance.

  • DCKA-2590: Addressed the 'Cannot add new DID key at this time of algorithm: dockbbs' error message received when attempting to create a BBS revocable credential, ensuring successful issuance without errors.

  • DCKA-2591: Fixed the issue where proof templates were being returned multiple times in the API route, ensuring correct and consistent data retrieval.


  • DCKA-2092: Implemented bounds check in the proof presentation to validate the bounds since the cryptography library does not, ensuring data integrity and security.

  • DCKA-2542: Ensured rejection of unsigned credentials in presentations for proof requests, enhancing security measures.

  • DCKA-2561: Investigated and set up an autoscaling solution and AWS load balancer for the PDF render server, improving scalability and performance.

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