Ecosystem example

Clarity Partners ecosystem is a privacy conscious ecosystem of partners using Identity Clarity KYC products.

EquiNET credit bureau as the ecosystem administrator is responsible for specifying governance rules, providing branding and maintaining the ecosystem website.

Administrator invites ecosystem participants, in this example:

  • Forsur - biometric credentials provider

  • Quotient - credit union

  • EquiNET - credit bureau

  • UrbanScape - apartment company offering upscale rentals

Ecosystem administrator can be a participant in their own ecosystem.

Administrator is also responsible for assigning the credential schemas and verification templates that will be used by the participants.

Clarity partners ecosystem has 4 credential schemas:

  • ForSur - Biometric Check, that can be used by ForSur, Quotient and UrbanScape.

  • ForSur - Biometric Enrollment, that can be used by ForSur.

  • Quotient - Bank Identity W/ Biometrics, that can be used by Quotient and UrbanScape.

  • EquiNet - Credit Score, that can be used by EquiNet and UrbanScape.

Clarity partners ecosystem has 2 verfication templates, that can be used by all participants.

  • Quotient Loan Verification - Bank Identity, Biometrics, and Credit Score

  • UrbanScape Credit Score Verification- Credit Score

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