The Dock Governance Framework describes the combination of off-chain and on-chain rules that enable the Dock Association (a Swiss non-profit) to manage the ongoing development of the network in conjunction with Dock token holders. This effort is completed with the assistance of two entities, the Association Council and the Technical Committee. The Council is the governing body of the network, responsible for reviewing and voting on any proposals from the community. The Technical Committee helps maintain the network and can fast-track the implementation of any urgent proposals.

Holders of the Dock token, as well as the Council members, can propose changes to the network. To prevent spam, any non-Council members making a proposal are required to lock 1,000 tokens, which will be returned after the proposal has been reviewed and voted on. The newly created proposal will join the proposal queue, from which the Council will consider one proposal every 20 days. The Council will have 15 days to vote on the proposal, and if approved by the Council, it will take effect in 2 days unless fast-tracked by the Technical Committee.

Dock token holders can also vote on proposed changes to the network (including election of Council members) by locking up their tokens.

In summary, Dock’s governance framework manages:

  • Actors in the network and their eligibility criteria and tenure.

  • Configuration parameters.

  • Adding, removing or updating network functionality.

  • Introducing and/or changing rewards and punishments for different actors in the network.

  • Allocation of financial reserves for the network .i.e. the treasury.

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