Ethereum Bridge

Dock is developing an Ethereum bridge that will:
  • Allow users to conveniently move Ethereum assets to Dock’s low-cost, highly scalable platform and vice versa
  • Enable issuers and DApp builders on Dock to create DIDs, anchor Verifiable Credentials on Dock, and verify the credentials on Ethereum
  • Allow users to deploy existing Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) smart contracts on the Dock network
Because of the need for scalability as blockchain technology and Web3 applications grow, the bridge is necessary to connect to Ethereum’s vibrant developer ecosystem to Dock’s cost-effective, scalable, and developer-friendly blockchain. The bridge will connect two developer and community ecosystems that can facilitate growth and collaboration.
Deploy EVM smart contracts on Dock
The Dock mainnet has integrated with Parity’s Frontier project, making it possible to deploy smart contracts written in Solidity on Dock and interact with them using existing Ethereum libraries such as Web3 or ethers-js.

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