Token economics

Dock has a total supply of 1 billion ERC-20 tokens via the Ethereum smart contract with address 0xe5dada80aa6477e85d09747f2842f7993d0df71c and viewable on etherscan. The Dock Association has committed 200M (20% of total supply) to emission rewards which will be released over time on the Dock mainnet. This release will be launched in 2 phases; the first phase is Proof of Authority (PoA) where Dock's governing council will select validators based on the validators testnet performance. The second is Proof of Stake (PoS) where validators will be selected on the basis of their staked tokens. For more detail on each phase please check the respective documents.

The remaining 200M owned by Dock Association (Swiss non-profit) will fund the ongoing development, governance, management, and marketing of the network.



Total supply


Circulating supply*


Association controls


Association's commitment to emission rewards


Estimated release for PoA phase


Estimated release for PoS phase


*The circulating supply of 600M is as shown on Coinmarketcap and is a measure of tokens being held by the general public.