🌐Dock Overview

Dock’s Reusable Digital Identity platform enables companies to turn verified ID data into trusted Reusable Digital ID Credentials, instantly verify their authenticity and get paid when they are verified by third parties. It comprises an API, a Web App, an ID wallet and a dedicated blockchain. Dock has been a leader in decentralized digital identity technology since 2017 and trusted by organizations in diverse sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education.


Dock ​Certs API Dock’s API easily integrates with your system and data sources, simplifying the creation, verification and management of Verifiable Credentials. No blockchain or cryptography knowledge is required.

Dock Certs Web App: A user-friendly platform​ that enables you to issue, verify, manage, and revoke fraud-proof Verifiable Credentials as well create and manage Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs).

ID Wallet SDK and White Label: Build ID Wallet capabilities inside your existing app with Dock’s powerful Wallet SDK, enabling users to effortlessly store, manage and share their Verifiable Credentials without having to download an extra app. If you don’t have an existing app, Dock’s White Label ID Wallet is the best option when development speed is a priority. Try the Dock Wallet for free.

Dock SDK contains a Javascript library and tooling to interact for working with Verifiable Credentials, DIDs, Claim Deduction and more. Built with PolkadotJS, for use with the Dock Substrate Node or our public main/test networks.

What can you do with Dock?

Create and manage decentralized identifiers (DIDs)

Create DIDs on the Dock or Polygon Blockchain using did:dock or did:polygonid methods or a non-registry based DID using the did:key method.

Issue zero-knowledge-proof verifiable credentials

Issue credentials that are reusable, verifiable and secure against fraud. Protect your users privacy and improve your data minimization practices by issuing zero-knowledge-proof credentials.

Instantly verify credentials

Create Verification Requests and send Verification QR Codes to your users. They’ll scan them with their Digital ID Wallet app and you’ll receive instant confirmation of the credentials’ authenticity.

Launch your Digital ID Ecosystem

Dock’s user-friendly web dashboard and API allow you to invite and manage trusted issuers and verifiers. Simplify the process of identifying which issuers and verifiers are trustworthy within a particular ecosystem.

Embed an ID Wallet into your app

Build ID wallet capabilities inside your existing app with Dock’s powerful Wallet SDK. Users can manage and share their Verifiable Credentials without having to download an extra app.

Utilize the Dock Blockchain

The Dock blockchain acts as an immutable registry of all credential issuers. This ensures that Verifiable Credentials are always available for verification without ever needing to contact the issuers, and the list of trusted issuers and verifiers is reliable and auditable.


Dock believes that credentials are most useful when they are interoperable across service providers. Our W3C compliant credential format is designed for maximum interoperability. Our anonymous credential format adheres to many W3C standards, but are designed for maximum privacy protection. We also leverage standards from OpenID, IETF, DIF, and related organizations.

Get Started

Begin your journey with digital identity by signing up and start issuing verifiable credentials.

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