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Dock Certs

Dock Certs makes it easy to issue, verify, revoke, and manage Verifiable Credentials
Dock Certs is our user-friendly, no-code platform that makes it easy for users to conveniently issue, verify, manage, and revoke Verifiable Credentials. This is an excellent solution for organizations with little to no tech resources.
  • Intuitive user experience
  • High security
  • Issue Verifiable Credentials in seconds
  • Customize the look of your credentials with the Certificate Designer feature
This product was created as a result of organizations with little to no technical resources requesting a solution to easily provide and manage Verifiable Credentials.

Video Tutorials

Step-by-Step Guides

“Dock Certs is extremely easy to use. Because we didn’t have the technical resources to issue Verifiable Credentials to the students that we train, Dock Certs was the perfect solution to issue hundreds of digital graduation certificates that are fraud-proof in just a few clicks. I’m hoping in the coming years, we’ll be issuing tens of thousands of credentials.”—Greg Twemlow, SEVENmile’s CEO
“We use Dock Certs to administer API usage and Dock is far easier to use than other tools. The platform enables us to issue Verifiable Credentials while keeping the integrity of the data intact as data moves within and outside of our health data management system to other stakeholders.”—Amber Hartley, BurstIQ’s Chief Strategy Officer
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