Certs API

Certs API enables developers to do the following from their existing system:
  • Conveniently issue, verify, revoke, and manage Verifiable Credentials
  • Manage decentralized identifiers (DIDs)
  • Interact with the Dock blockchain
We have a range of open-source software on GitHub that can be used with the API.

Certs API Benefits

1. Easy integration with other systems
Certs API enables developers to issue Verifiable Credentials and DIDs more efficiently with fewer steps than other providers that are using more complicated messaging protocols. Developers can simply issue a Verifiable Credential with one call.
2. Dock takes care of key and token management
These services save organizations and developers time, money, and resources by creating more efficiencies in their operations.
Key management
Dock manages the keys for clients for DID keys, signing Verifiable Credentials, and the blockchain so that clients don't have to do anything related to the blockchain. Developers don’t even need to understand much about cryptography. All they need to know are the standard REST protocols.
Token management service Because it costs tokens to create a did:dock (DID type) and do other writes on the network, it's much easier for customers to have Dock take care of token management to ensure they never run out of tokens to achieve what they want with our network. This way, organizations can focus more on creating the functionalities and services they want with our API.
Fixed costs
Organizations pay a fixed monthly price for using the API regardless if the Dock token price goes up on down. This way, their costs don't change.
Certs API follows the DID and Verifiable Credential standards established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):
These standards are what allow the API to interoperate with other open-source technologies. The specifications enable users to conveniently transfer their credentials and DIDs from one platform to another as long as the service providers are also using the same W3C standards.

How BurstIQ is Leveraging Certs API

See the different ways BurstIQ is using the Certs API to give their customers the ability to turn any health data into Verifiable Credentials.
How BurstIQ benefits from the Certs API to issue Verifiable Credentials and manage decentralized identifiers (DIDs)