Token migration tutorial

Instructions to migrate your ERC20 Dock tokens to Dock's new mainnet. This is not required for holders with tokens on exchanges that are supporting the migration.
Dock has officially completed the token migration as of March 31, 2021. Any questions can be sent to [email protected]
Stay safe - be very careful when migrating your tokens to follow directions and check all addresses and website URLs to ensure you are migrating correctly. Unfortunately, migration events are targets for scammers we will not be able to return tokens that are not migrated correctly

Step 1: Create new Dock account

You will need to create a Dock account using an application or wallet that supports the new token. Several easy-to-use wallets are available including a web application, browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox, and a mobile app. A list of wallets supporting the new Dock token as well as steps to create a new Dock account can be found here.

Step 2: Send ERC20 tokens to Vault

Use any ERC20 compatible wallet such as metamask or mycrypto to send your Dock tokens to the vault address: 0x0cf75F808479C9e7D61C78F65E997b605160B0AA
The vault address is also posted on the Dock website (step 2) and on our official Twitter. Double-check you are sending to the correct address, if you send your tokens to another address then we will not be able to recover them.
Save the transaction hash or use etherscan to find it by looking up your wallet address.

Step 3: Sign message with Ethereum address

Go to Dock's Token Migration portal to complete the migration. First you will need to select the destination address, which is the new Dock token account you created in Step 1.
Then enter the Ethereum transaction hash provided when sending your tokens in Step 2 and click Next.
You will then receive a code (series of characters) to use for signing. Go to My Crypto and click on Tools > Sign & Verify Message. After unlocking your Ethereum wallet, enter the code for signing into the Message box and click Sign Message. Then copy the “sig” value from the Signature box, this is what you will need for the next step.
Message signing with MyCrypto
You can also use MyEtherWallet (MEW) to sign the code. After connecting your wallet like Ledger, Metamask, etc, go to the sign message page and paste the code in the "Message" box as shown below

Step 4: Migrate your tokens

Go back to the Token Migration page and paste the "sig" code under Signature, then click Submit. If successful, you will see a message in green that the migration is being processed.

Community Support

Our team is available to help throughout the token migration and can be contacted at [email protected] or on our Telegram channel.